Fathers Day Surprise Portraits ~ DellaMort Photography Canby Childrens Photographer

This blog is coming a bit late, However I had to share a story that proves sometimes you underestimate children.  About a week before Fathers Day this last June there was a knock at my door, I opened it to find my neighbors daughter, thinking she was here for my daughter I started to tell her that my kiddo was not home. She interrupted me and asked if she could hire me to do photos of her and her brother for fathers day. Of course I said yes , she then pulled out her phone and showed me a photo that she had found on Google saying she wanted to do something similar for her dad. We scheduled the day and she got her brothers mom in on the plan so that she could stay the night and her brothers mom would bring them to the photo session. By that time she had bought some letters  DAD of course, and a frame for the photos and we set to work.

I am very touched by the thoughtfulness of this little girl. She saved her money to be able to get something her dad would truly enjoy and did it all without him knowing which is a feat in and of itself considering he is a single father and she lives with him!

The below portrait is the end result which she put in the frame she purchased and presented to him on Fathers day.


Canby Family Photographer


Featured Kids Portraits~ DellaMort Photography in Canby Oregon

This Kids shoot was my mini shoot from yesterday. Little Z is so fun to work with and will basically do any pose you ask her with very little extra direction. We were In Wilsonville Oregon for this Photo shoot. I had to be quick because she would do the funniest things that made great candid pix, tho when I asked her to model for me she got embarrassed and froze. Here are a few Pictures from this photo shoot.

The fall leaves made a great back drop for this picture



This is the only thing she did when I asked her to model for me 🙂

I had to catch this fast she said she was superman and started to put it down as I turned around to snap the shot.

I just loved her stripey sox.

I had to crop this one in she was to small in the frame.


I am currently running a mini session for school pictures. You get a half hour session and a CD with three Pictures on it 1 head shot 1 full leinght shot and 1 creative pose. This mini shoot cost 20 dollars and runs through the end of october. You can contact me on my Facebook or at my email dellamortphotography@hotmail.com