Im not photogenic

This is the number one thing I hear from people when I show up to their session. And let me tell you I’m right there with you! I always say I belong on the back of a camera not in front of it but let me tell you something else. Everyone is photogenic, yes that’s right that means YOU are photogenic.

I despise getting in front of the camera but I do it anyway, I know that it is important and one day all my child and future grandchildren will have are the photos that we take today. Do you want to know how I got over the fear and stress that came with thinking I was not photogenic? No? To bad Im gonna tell you anyway đŸ˜‰

  1. Find a photographer that you really click with someone who makes you forget that there is a camera in their hand. Once I found that it was much easier to get in front of the camera once a year. My photographer makes the whole process fun and we have even become friends outside of our Photographer, Client relationship. This is by far the most important item on this list.
  2. Next is don’t wear brand new clothing as you will not be completely comfortable in it during your session. If you do want new outfits for your portraits purchase them at least a month before the session and wear them. Wear them and wash them that way they loosen up a bit and drape a bit better and you will feel better in them.
  3. Look at yourself in the mirror. Find your relaxed smile and practice it. Also while looking in the mirror practice poses. You can actually find quite a few posing guides on pinterest that will help you learn some of the basic poses that work with your body type. This step even though your photographer will know how to pose you to flatter your body will help you become more comfortable in these poses. Comfort equals relaxed posing and relaxed photos. Relaxed photos always look better than stiff ones.
  4. The last tip is love yourself. I know I know its soooo cliche! But its true!! If you are anything like me and don’t want photos of yourself its because you see all your imperfections. You say things like maybe next year after Ive lost weight, Or please don’t photograph my right side its not my good side . Next time you look in the mirror tell yourself out loud one thing you like about yourself. then repeat every time you look in the mirror. It doesn’t always have to be something physical but should be often as you are trying to train yourself to see the beauty in your physical form.

Simple right? Well maybe not but it does work! Im proof Below are photos of my own un-photogenic self.


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Spring Time Mini Sessions at Woodenshoe Tulip Festival

Its that time of year again, time for spring mini sessions. I love doing sessions at Woodenshoe Tulip festival while the flowers are in full bloom they provide so many gorgeous colors to use as backgrounds. The grounds are usually … Continue reading

Miss A’s Senior Portraits By DellaMort Photography A Canby Oregon Photographer

This senior portrait session almost got rained out. I am so glad that  Miss A was perfectly alright with a little rain. We ended up only getting a half hour in before the skies opened up and the sky decided it was a waterfall but for those 30 min we had a lot of fun. This session was full of laughter If I wasn’t making her laugh she was making me laugh. I just love it when a client is comfortable with the camera and with me and we are both able to loosen up and just have fun! I hope you enjoy these senior photos as much as I did!

High School Senior Portraits

Miss A’s Senior Portraits taken in Oregon City


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Camp Hollyhock Fashion shoot with Ashley MUA and DellaMort Photography

Modeling HeadshotI had the opportunity recently to do my first collaboration with other art professionals. It was amazing! We spent the day doing make up and hair and then did a fashion shoot for Camp Hollyhock, a designer in Portland Oregon. The clothes are all hand made from vintage materials and they tote themselves as Play clothes for the City girl! Check out their Facebook page they have some really cute designs Hair and make up were done by Ashley Shore assisted by Caroline Cregger, you can check her out at I must say she is pretty amazing at what she does. One of the looks was a side bun and she got it to stay with only 3 Bobbi pins it was like magic! After our models Hair and Makeup were done and she was in wardrobe we headed out to a little patch of grass that happens to be right next to the salon. It was a perfect setting. Ashley brought with her an awesome shabby sheek green chair and we proceeded with the photos. I had so much fun photographing this model, she is so beautiful and easy to work with. We went for a more broken editorial look for these photos and she did great with it. it was quite cold out despite the sun and she was wearing a sun dress. Im honestly not sure how she did it. If you are in the market for Bridal hair and makeup please do not hesitate to contact Ashley and as always DellaMort Photography is available for your photography needs



Modeling Photography

Modeling shot