Meet Baby Miss A. Newborn Portraits by DellaMort Photography

Baby Miss A really gave me a run for my money while shooting her Newborn Portraits. She wanted nothing to do with the camera and was REALLY not a hat girl. Her mama was so patient though and we prevailed. Eventually she did sleep and we pushed through as many poses as we could. In the end this has become one of my favorite sessions because while it didn’t go exactly as planned it still came out great and showed me that sometimes all it takes is patience.

Portland Oregon Newborn Portraits

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3 Generation Family Portraits at the Tulip Festival ~ DellaMort Photography in Woodburn Oregon

Every year I offer portrait mini sessions at the Woodenshoe Tulip Festival in Woodburn Oregon. This year I was able to capture three generations during one of the sessions. I love that this family gets together once a year for a portrait and hope that the tradition continues.

Family Photographer









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Fathers Day Surprise Portraits ~ DellaMort Photography Canby Childrens Photographer

This blog is coming a bit late, However I had to share a story that proves sometimes you underestimate children.  About a week before Fathers Day this last June there was a knock at my door, I opened it to find my neighbors daughter, thinking she was here for my daughter I started to tell her that my kiddo was not home. She interrupted me and asked if she could hire me to do photos of her and her brother for fathers day. Of course I said yes , she then pulled out her phone and showed me a photo that she had found on Google saying she wanted to do something similar for her dad. We scheduled the day and she got her brothers mom in on the plan so that she could stay the night and her brothers mom would bring them to the photo session. By that time she had bought some letters  DAD of course, and a frame for the photos and we set to work.

I am very touched by the thoughtfulness of this little girl. She saved her money to be able to get something her dad would truly enjoy and did it all without him knowing which is a feat in and of itself considering he is a single father and she lives with him!

The below portrait is the end result which she put in the frame she purchased and presented to him on Fathers day.


Canby Family Photographer

Little Mr S 6 month Baby Pictures By DellaMort Photography

Last sunday I got to photograph one of the most smiley happy babies I have ever seen. His mama wanted to get some pudgy baby pictures and I was only too happy to oblige. We had a great time right up until dad got home. At which point little mr S decided he had had enough and just wanted some daddy time. To mom and dad I just want to say thank you for inviting me into your home and letting me help you capture this moment in time that does not last nearly long enough.Blog

Kids portrait prices ~ DellaMort Photography Photographer in Portland

Here are my Prices for portraits of Babies Children and Teens

These prices are for 1 person only. each addl person is only 10 dollars.

Babies Kids and Teens


Includes a disc with 10 or more edited images

Up to 2 children (each addl 10.00)

1 Hour 1 location 1 outfit


Includes a disc with 15 or more edited images

Up to 2 children (each addl 10.00)

1.5 Hour 2 location 2 outfit