Happy Engagments! DellaMort Photography from Portland Oregon

This last weekend In Portland a VERY brave man proposed to his girlfriend and the video went viral. On youtube this video is called Best Marriage Proposal EVER. -Portland Oregon. I have embedded it below for you to enjoy.

This got me thinking… Why is it that More people dont document this moment? It is going to be something that you will want to remember for the rest of your lives and a story that you will tell your children (should you have any) and grand children( again should you have any) so why not make this not only easier to remember but something that you can truly share with family through the generations. There is a couple ways that I can think of to do this.

One is through video like the guy in the above video did you can either be blatant about this or sneaky, however if you shove a big old camera in your girlfriends face she is going to know whats going on so there are some ways that even with a larger camera you can do this without being all in your face.. Ask a friend to hide out in a crowd with the camera where they can see you and press the record button at the appropriate time, or if you are more out going run of to “go to the rest room” and ask a innocent bystander to covertly record the proposal. If neither one of these are Spy enough for you there are many pin hole video cameras or bat operated “nanny” type cameras. You could wear a pin hole cam on your shirt without anyone knowing or even set up a few of the “nanny cams” in trees and such. Or if you want you can make the recording part of the awe of the proposal and get a flash mob style proposal going.

The other way that I can think of is through the photograph. Bring a camera with you and ask someone around to take pix as you propose or higher a photographer, either way you will get pictures that will last a lifetime and help you to remember this special night.