Meet Baby Miss A. Newborn Portraits by DellaMort Photography

Baby Miss A really gave me a run for my money while shooting her Newborn Portraits. She wanted nothing to do with the camera and was REALLY not a hat girl. Her mama was so patient though and we prevailed. Eventually she did sleep and we pushed through as many poses as we could. In the end this has become one of my favorite sessions because while it didn’t go exactly as planned it still came out great and showed me that sometimes all it takes is patience.

Portland Oregon Newborn Portraits

Canby Oregon Newborn Photographer Newborn Portraits.If you have any questions or would like to book a newborn session please contact me on Facebook or my Website.


Baby Mr K ~ Newborn Photos by DellaMort Photography in Gresham Oregon

A few months ago I put out a model call for a little Boy newborn for a “nautical” styled newborn portrait session. I carefully prepared all my props the night before and headed over to meet this cute little guy after a long day at the office. When I got there I realized I had left my basket with wraps at home. His mama and I had a good laugh about it and then got on with the session. Baby K just never ceased to amaze me, he was less than a week old and knew his name. Every time I said it he would look right at me, then when he got tired he just went to sleep, as if to say no big deal ill just sleep you do your thing. I hope you enjoy the below images as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Baby Boy Newborn Photography

Baby Boy Newborn Photography

If you have any questions about Newborn Portraits please do not hesitate to contact me on my Facebook or website.

The Journey to becoming a Newborn Photographer by DellaMort Photography~Portlands Up and Coming Newborn Photographer

First year newborn photographyWhen I started taking newborn portraits I thought it was going to be simple. I mean they dont move so you place them and then take your shots and good to go , oh how naive I was. Newborns are about the furthest thing from easy there is but the result and the smile you see on mamas face when they see the images you have created for them makes it all well worth it. The shortest newborn session I have ever had was my first I was there for probably about 45 min (i mean it was going to be easy right I didn’t need any more time than that!) and looking back now I am super lucky Little Man was such an amazing baby! Even though those photos didnt turn out exactly like I thought they would It was still an amazing learning experience and I had done it for a friend for free so no one was out any money, and honestly little mans mom loved them and still has several on her walls several years later. The photo to the right is one of the shots from that fateful session.

second Newborn Session

When that didn’t go as planned I realized I needed to do much more research and practice so I started offering to do it for free for friends and family when they had babies. My second try was a bit better but still did not really turn out the way I thought it would either. I tried a more styled set of shots with little Mr D which got me a bit closer to the style I was trying to achieve. again I got really lucky and the little one was super content and didn’t cry but I came to realize that all those cutsy poses are really only doable when baby is asleep and that newborn wraps are a must for awake babies. The photo to the right while cute is not very technically sound and I knew I could do better. So I hit the books again.


Newborn PortraitsAfter doing even more reasearch and finding an absolutely adorable outfit at a little boutique in Portland called Camp Hollyhock I put out another model call for a newborn. By this time I realized it is best to do these sessions within 2 weeks of birth so I specified that I needed them to be 2 weeks old at the most. At this time I also learned that there were some things that mom needed to do before the session such as heat the room that we will be working in to 75-80 degrees, and make sure little one has a full tummy and is in something that is easy to remove or better yet just in a diaper. that way we can do some of the more stylized and posed shots as baby will be more likely to sleep at that time. Baby miss Ks mama was a champ and when I arrived she was fed and snoozing and the living room was toasty warm. This is when I decided that if I am not sweating its not warm enough for baby. Things went pretty smooth at this session even though getting her to sleep was a bit of a chore.  The shots that I got on this session were again a bit better then the last and prove that as a photographer you can never stop learning. These shots were a bit better technically but still lacked what I was looking for stylistically and in the editing. Now that I knew what I needed to do and practice with on posing and my camera it was time to start working on my editing style.


Beaverton newborn Photographer


The next session I again let mom know what to do and what to expect with the photos and at this point felt comfortable charging portfolio building prices. I asked mom to pick out one outfit and something she would like to use as a prop and then the rest I would bring with. Little Man Fords dad loved baseball so we got to use his ball and glove in the photos. This was also the first newborn session that I was able to incorporate sibling and family shots into. This brought a whole new set of problems as I had to figure out how to keep a 3 year old calm and interested while I got little brother set up. This time I did not get quite as lucky with a content baby he was fussy and made me work for it but in the end I was able to make him feel secure enough to fall asleep and mom even called me the baby whisperer. As you may have guessed after this session I again hit the books! this time studying ways to work siblings into the shots and ways to help keep young ones involved and engaged.



newborn PhotographerI used my next newborn session (the recipient was the winner of a contest on my Facebook page) I used to practice my editing so I stuck with poses that I had already practiced a bunch on (not to say that I was perfect at them by any means they were ones I knew I had a good chance to get good shots that the parents would love. At this point I had also started looking for a newborn Mentor and entered a contest to win a 2 week mentor ship from an amazing photographer in California (Jen Dunham Photography ). These newborn photos were actually taken outside so I did not do any of the naked baby photos and he was also a bit more fussy than any of my previous subjects. this session taught me that you may have a plan and a schedule but a newborn doesn’t really care.


Newborn Photographer in Gresham OregonI ended up winning the mentor ship from Jen Dunham and after a couple sessions with her and her looking over my work I had another model call. Then because I could not purchase all the props I wanted I made a bunch of tiebacks and purchased scarves to use as wraps then keeping what Jen had taught me and I feel I made a huge improvement. I then took the photos home and shared them with Jen so that she could give me CC on them and she pointed out several other things that I could improve on. As a new photographer I can say having someone who is seasoned look over your body of work is one of the most intimidating and helpful things that you can do and I highly recommend it. There are also groups that you can join on places like Facebook that bring photographers together and they all learn off each other and give each other CC. My favorite is Pure Constructive Critisism run by the girls of Pure Photography and Design (AKA Pure Actions for photographers). If you are an aspiring photographer I highly recommend getting a mentor even if you pay for that mentors time and joining at least a local photographers group.


Once my mentor ship came to an end I kept my sessions coming by offering discounts or contests to keep growing as a photographer and eventually was able to start charging full price for sessions and still receive bookings.  Any time I get an Idea for a concept Ill do a model call as I do not think you should use your paying clients to practice on. I still do lots of research and spent countless hours tweeking my style until I felt it represented me and what I want to offer clients.

Newborn portraitsNewborn Photographer


portland oregon photographerPortland Oregon Newborn Photographer




Wether you are an aspiring Photographer or have questions about your own Newborn Portraits please do not hesitate to contact me on my website.



Baby Miss A’s Newborn Portraits ~ DellaMort Photography Portland Newborn Photographer

I am so excited that I was chosen to take this adorable little ones newborn photos. She us such an amazing baby and so easy to work with.  I had so much fun with her mom and grandma, both were willing to help or just sit back and watch and were so relaxed which really helps with a newborn since they can sense tension. On top of the amazing family  I’m not sure how I did it but I managed to choose the exact colors of her nursery, when I was choosing what props to bring with the night before! When I walked into her room I was just in Awe. You can see the love these parents have for their beautiful baby girl in the detail of her room. I really wanted to do a lifestyle type shoot at that point but alas this is not my style and not what I am practiced at so I stuck with my plan and could not be happier with the results! I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking and editing them.Newborn and Family Photography

Portland Oregon Newborn Photographer


As always if you have any questions about Newborn Photography Sessions please do not hesitate to contact me here, or on Facebook. Newborn portrait session info can be found here.

New Year Newborn Special with DellaMort Photography ~ A Newborn Photographer in Portland Oregon

Portland Oregon Newborn PhotographerNewborn photography has very quickly become my passion, I love being able to provide parents with photographs of these moments that are all too fleeting, from the tiny little toes to the wispy hair these things change way to fast. Newborn photography allows us to memorialize a time when our children change daily so that we can look back on it and remember.

I would like to welcome the new year in with a newborn photography special!  The first person to book a newborn session this month( baby needs to be due this month) Will received their choice of my two newborn sessions 50%off! and anyone who books in January and is due in the next 9 months will receive 30% off. These prices are good for sessions booked with deposits paid in January only.

Baby A's Newborn PhotoMy newborn and portrait collections can be found at this link

I can also be found on Facebook, Deviant Art, Flikr and Pinterest.

*special good for newborn photography only booked in the month of January 2015. To receive the 50% off discount you must be the first to book and pay your deposit for a newborn session in January with a due date before January 31st. 30% discount is valid for any session booked in January for a date in the next 9 months. Please contact me for more details. Other rules and restrictions may apply.DellaMort Photography Portland Oregon Newborn PhotographerPortland Oregon Family Photographer.

Little Mr S 6 month Baby Pictures By DellaMort Photography

Last sunday I got to photograph one of the most smiley happy babies I have ever seen. His mama wanted to get some pudgy baby pictures and I was only too happy to oblige. We had a great time right up until dad got home. At which point little mr S decided he had had enough and just wanted some daddy time. To mom and dad I just want to say thank you for inviting me into your home and letting me help you capture this moment in time that does not last nearly long enough.Blog

Family portrait packages and pricing ~ Local Portland Oregon Photographer

I love to take family portraits especially when there are young children involved. A lot of times it will go from a nice sedate posed session to chasing said kiddos around trying to get them to sit still “just one more time” or for “just a little longer”. While the running wild and screaming can be fun and lead you to get some really awesome candid shots of your kids sometimes you really want the nice posed formal picture. I have found a really good way to get kids to hold still for these shots (without any candy or cookies of any kind). Most of the kids I know love to pose for the camera so let them choose a pose for the family or one for just them and then pose them the way you want and repeat. you would be amazed at the poses some kids come up with. If posing is not your kiddos cup of tea there is also letting them be on the opposite side of the camera(with my help of course). I have found with several children that if you let them take a picture or two it will help them to become more comfortable with you and the camera and they will be more apt to do what is asked if they know that the will get to “play” with the big camera. If you are looking for a photographer but are not sure about who to higher why not contact me. I am a self taught photographer, and i love to take outdoor portraits in the natural light. You can find my portfolio in several places my Facebook, or my Deviant art, or my website . If you Have any questions or want to schedule a portrait session please do not hesitate to contact me either on my Facebook page or at

Family shots

These prices include sessions with up to 4 people. Each extra person in any session is an extra 10 dollars.


Mini Session

  • 30 min
  • 10 Fully Edited Images on CD
  • Online Proofing
  • Option to add Professional Prints
  • 1 location
  • 1 outfit


Basic Session

  • 1 Hour
  • 15 Fully Edited Images on CD
  • Online Proofing
  • Option to add Professional Prints
  • 1 Location
  • 1 Outfit


Plus Session

  • 1 Hour
  • 15 Fully Edited Images on CD
  • Online Proofing
  • $10 Print Credit (Usable on any images taken during the session)
  • 1 Location
  • Unlimited Outfits
  • $200

    Premium Session

    • 2 Hours
    • 20 Fully Edited Images on CD
    • Online Proofing
    • $20 Print Credit (Usable on any images taken during the session)
    • Up to 3 Locations
    • Unlimited Outfits


Photography In the New Year for a Portland area Photographer.

I am really excited for this new year especially with my budding photography business. Hopefully in the first couple of months I will have my website up and running. This will make it easier for me to give my clients proofs and I will be able to offer more tailored packages that Include prints. As of right now all of my prints are ala carte because I don’t really have a way to proof them other than my Facebook or my Deviant Art account. While these two options do allow you to see and in the case of Deviant Art Purchase your photos it also makes it so that everyone else can see them as well and well lets be honest not all portraits should be posted for public viewing. I do currently have a free website however it is more informational than interactive.

In this coming year I hope to do several weddings and lots of family, modeling, and nature shoots. I even have some Trash the dress shoots scheduled. This is going to be an exciting year for me. I can not wait to see how my photography is received by the public. It is kind of a hard thing to put yourself out there for everyone to see and critique but so far with the small clientele that I currently have I have been received fairly well.

I was only doing portraits and photo shoots for the general public this year for about half the year, before that it was all family and friends. I am hoping that I can get my name out there more and will be posting flyers and getting business cards in addition to my website this year.

Keep an eye on DellaMort Photography for sales and contests on my Facebook page.

Happy New year to everyone may it be a great one.

If you have any questions or would like to book a photo shoot or wedding photographer Please do not hesitate to contact me on my Facebook or at

Baby Portraits ~ DellaMort Photograpy from Canby Oregon

Baby portraits can be difficult But are still very fun. There are many different poses that you can do in the outdoors to show off the new addition to your life. You can symbolize the tree of life  by using a baby sling hung from a tree with a sleeping baby in it. You do not need to worry for the most part if your little one is asleep or awake you can get great pictures either way. Sometimes sleeping is better because all the moving and posing and picking up and putting down can make a baby grumpy but either way with a bit of patience  and running on the little ones schedule you will get great shots. I love to do these photo shoots and will make it as fun as possible for all involved. I try to gauge a family’s dynamic when taking shots of a baby. If they seem pretty traditional I’ll stick with the baby on back belly sides and maybe being held. If you would like something a little more daring. Such as baby and mom skin to skin shots or baby and dad we can do that too. Just may have to be done in a back yard instead of a park.  If you have a certain pose that you have seen elsewhere and would like a shot of just ask I can usually accommodate as long as it doesn’t require special props. I am hoping by next summer that I will have some baby picture props available such as hats bows baskets slings and tutus. Maybe some letters numbers and blocks and such. I would love to capture the little moments in your life that you feel are the most precious as well so I encourage family’s to bring props of their own if they wish as well.

Most of the time when shooting a baby I suggest  bringing a baby blanket to lay your little one on for some close up shots and so that you can use it to change their outfit if you wish as well.

For Baby Photography prices please click here Or see my blog entitled Kids pricing.

Because I am from Canby i am pretty much willing to go most anywhere In the I5 205 corridor to do portraits If you have questions or would like to book a shoot you can contact me on my facebook or through email at

Family Portrait Prices ~ DellaMort Photography A photographer in Portland Oregon

After My last post about Family Portraits I realized that It might be helpful to know my prices.  Because I am a semi- professional  photographer I offer lower rates than many other photographers In the Portland metro area. I do this in the hopes that I will be able to help someone get some beautiful Pictures who may not have been able to afford them otherwise.  If you wish to contact me to set up a shoot or with questions. you can find me on my facebook  or by emailing me at

Here are my packages for family shoots. These are my introductory prices and are subject to change at any time.

Family shots


up to 4 people (10.00 each adl person)

includes disc with 10 or more images(all images may not  have all people in them)

1 hr 1 location and outfit


up to 4 people (10.00 each adl person)

includes disc with 15 or more images(all images may not have all people in them)

1.5 hr 2 locations and/or outfits