Baby Z and A ~ Twin Newborn Portraits by DellaMort Photography

This summer I was able to add a couple of Twins to my Newborn Portraits Portfolio. I must say I LOVE working with twins and would love to do it some more so if you are in the Portland metro area and expecting twins and looking for a photographer feel free to contact me.  Sometimes you get to shoot photos for a family that you just connect with. That was totally the way it was with this family. Only a few will understand but they are brown coats! So I got to have a total nerd moment and discuss scy fi and fantasy books/games while setting up. We ended up deciding to shoot outside as it was about 90 degrees that day. It was absolutely amazing! well… mostly… as happens with twins when one was sleeping the other wasn’t, when one was finally full the other was hungry. so we did not get many together photos but were able to get some great single shots. Then just when we were ready to get shots with big brother He fell asleep and we didn’t want to wake him for fear of a toddler melt down. Even with the ups and downs that come with two babies, I am quite proud of how these photos came out as  it was only my second set of twins.



Baby Miss R’s Newborn Portraits ~ DellaMort Photography Portland Newborn Photographer

Baby Miss R’s newborn portraits were supposed to be Woodland themed. Very shortly into the session I realized my for the session were going out the window as she was a light sleeper and could not be moved much. Sometimes in newborn photography you just have to go with the flow.  At the very end of the session her big brother came home, I tried to get him in on the session but he was having none of that.

Portland Oregon Newborn Photographer

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New Year Newborn Special with DellaMort Photography ~ A Newborn Photographer in Portland Oregon

Portland Oregon Newborn PhotographerNewborn photography has very quickly become my passion, I love being able to provide parents with photographs of these moments that are all too fleeting, from the tiny little toes to the wispy hair these things change way to fast. Newborn photography allows us to memorialize a time when our children change daily so that we can look back on it and remember.

I would like to welcome the new year in with a newborn photography special!  The first person to book a newborn session this month( baby needs to be due this month) Will received their choice of my two newborn sessions 50%off! and anyone who books in January and is due in the next 9 months will receive 30% off. These prices are good for sessions booked with deposits paid in January only.

Baby A's Newborn PhotoMy newborn and portrait collections can be found at this link

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*special good for newborn photography only booked in the month of January 2015. To receive the 50% off discount you must be the first to book and pay your deposit for a newborn session in January with a due date before January 31st. 30% discount is valid for any session booked in January for a date in the next 9 months. Please contact me for more details. Other rules and restrictions may apply.DellaMort Photography Portland Oregon Newborn PhotographerPortland Oregon Family Photographer.

Couples Senior Portraits By DellaMort Photography, Oregon City Senior Photographer

I had never done a couples senior photo session before, I must say its an amazing idea. You both not only get your separate senior portraits but you can get some of the two of you together as well. I had a great time with these two. We did their photos at High Rocks City park in Gladstone Oregon.  We started out on the rocks and spent quite a bit of time laughing as we all tried not to trip. We were able to get a bunch of shots in the park its self then went up to the pedestrian bridge that crosses the river. The bridge offered a second area to take photos without having to get back in the cars and go to a new location.

Please enjoy these previews of G and T s senior portraits. Couples senior portraits
Senior Girls PotosBoys Senior Portraits

If you are have any questions or are interested in booking a senior portrait session please feel free to contact me at Or through Facebook. You can see more of my portfolio on my website or on my Flickr.

Mr and Mrs Olcotts Wedding Photos By Canby Oregon Photographer DellaMort Photography

This was the last wedding I photographed in 2013. It was so much fun! Mr and Mrs Olcott have a chemistry that just overflows into everyone around them. Within minuets of arriving they had me laughing and we didn’t stop until the night was over. Their wedding took place in the beautiful Antonia Ballroom in downtown Canby Oregon at the end of December.  Oh boy was it cold outside! By the time we were done with the photos the brides toes were numb and she had to warm them up before she could walk down the aisle. Their ceremony was beautiful and intimate with close family and friends in attendance.

Canby Wedding photographer

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Baby A Newborn Portraits by DellaMort Photography Portland Oregon Photographer.

I am so thankful that little Baby A’s parents let me come into their home to capture these sweet images of their daughter. She was such a joy to photograph! This is why I love to do newborn photography, it is a way to capture a moment in time that will never happen again and make it last forever. This little one will never be this small again and I was allowed to help her parents to remember her as she once was even when she grows to an adult.
She made my job so easy, only got a little fussy once and we swaddled and fed her a little and right back down she went. Even gave us a little smile!

Newborn portrait

see the absolutely adorable little smile that she gave me!  this was just before she decided to wake up for a min but went right back out. that little smile stole my heart.

Oregon City Oregon Newborn Photographer

Sleeping Baby Photography

If you are looking to get newborn photos of your own little bundle of joy you can contact me on my website. you can also find my portfolio there. Like my work? you can also find me on facebook , and deviantart.

Senior Portraits In Portland Oregon by Dellamort Photography

Senior Girls Potos

School is almost out, which means that it is time for the Senior class of 2013 to start thinking about getting senior pictures done. I can help you with that. I am a self taught photographer working out of the greater Portland metro area.  There are a lot of really good places to get your senior pictures done that allow you to put a little of your own style and flair into your pictures.  Are you a Fashionista or self proclaimed Queen B? I would then suggest Pittock Mansion the land that this beautiful house is on would make a great back drop as would the entry way. Are you a Little bit country ? There are a multitude of country parks that you could get your pictures shot at, One of them being Molalla river state park in Canby. Its only about a 30 min drive from down town Portland and provides beautiful fences several different kinds of trees grassy fields and ponds that can all be used as backdrops in a variety of different ways. If your a little bit rock and roll I say just take a stroll in Down Town. There are any number of art pieces or Buildings that would make awesome props or  backgrounds for your senior pictures.  Or if your a bit more adventuresome there is always Rocky Butte with its beautiful stone stairs and plateau , and great views you could almost mold this place to fit any kind of picture. There are several other places that I am willing to travel to such as Multnomah falls or silver falls Or maybe you prefer hag lake . With enough notice and a completely empty day I may even be willing to go as far as the coast (there may be traveling fees to travel this far).  If you would like to see my portfolio you I have it in a few places my Facebook Or Deviant Art Gallery also my Website.

Here are my Current Packages

Silver Collection


  • 1 hour
  • 1 location
  • 1 outfit
  • Private online gallery of 20-25 images for proofing
  • 1 gift print  (5×7)
  • 15 images on a disc with a print release
  • add all the images from your gallery to your disc for $100
 Gold Collection


  • 1 1/2 hours
  • up to 2 locations
  • Unlimited outfits
  • Private online gallery of 25-30 images for proofing
  • 3 gift prints (2 5x7s and 1 8×10)
  • 20 images on a disc with a print release
  • Add all the images from your gallery to your disc for $100
 Platinum Collection


  • 2 hours
  • Up to 3 locations
  • Unlimited outfits
  • Private online gallery of 30-35 for proofing
  • 5 gift prints (3 5x7s and 2 8x10s)
  • 25 images on a disc with a print release
  • Add all images from your gallery to your disc for $100

Also I am currently running a special from today until August first 2012. If you are a current student at Oregon City High Or Canby High you can get a 20% discount on your session fee. All you need to do is book your session before august 1st and bring your student Id to the session.

If you have any questions or would like to book a Portrait session please do not hesitate to contact me on my Facebook or Website or at

High School Senior Pictures in Portland Oregon

I love shooting Senior Pictures. It marks a huge turning point in many peoples lives when they start thinking about what comes next. You start to realize when you become a High School Senior that things are not always going to be easy and that there is a world beyond your home town. These photographs should be something that you can look back on for many years and fondly remember your time at the Top of the food chain in high school. They should be distinctively you. When trying to find a photographer for your Senior Portraits there are a few things that you should think about.
Do you want formal or informal pictures? Most people go with the formal as that is what is socially accepted in the main stream. But maybe you are not so main stream and would prefer candid shots of you doing a favorite activity, Like maybe Larping? Or maybe your a tennis player and want your shot to include tennis. You can Invite a photographer to an event and ask them to follow you and get candid shots and choose from those for your senior portrait.
If you would like the formal setting but would still like them to include your personality then bring props. If you play a sport get a portrait package that you can change outfits and bring your uniform Or if you need a more inexpensive portrait package maybe just bring the base ball or your glove or football or whatever. You can also include things like pets. Animals can be difficult to work with so when bringing a pet just be prepared to either get fewer shots or purchase a longer package.
Another question that you should ask is how much am I willing to spend? If you have little to no budget and don’t mind more candid shots maybe you can get together with some friends and take each others pictures. If you want something a little more formal and have a little bit of a budget you can go with an amateur or semi pro photographer such as me usually you can get good quality shots and most semi pro will offer a cd with the edited photos on them that you will then be able to print email or upload to be able to give the pictures to your school family and friends. This is a good low budget option for many people as there are many different packages that are available. If you want to go over the top and have the budget for it go with a 100% pro photographer. They will give you great quality pictures as well as prints and usually offer a cd for an additional cost.
The last question is where and when? If you are going with friends or a semi pro photographer you can usually get them done wherever you want. Most semi pros have an area or a few places that they like to shoot so make sure that you ask questions about where you can do the shoot if you go this route. I really like to shoot in parks or in down town Portland. I love the contrast of the portrait against the hardness of the down town buildings. Make sure that you have a couple places in mind when you contact your photographer so that you can discuss the environment that you would like your pictures to embody. As for when to have your portraits done. Most schools require that your pictures be turned in by sometime in October so naturally September is a hard time to get a shoot in as photographers are super busy. I say do it in July or August to beat the rush and save your self the stress. This will mean that you can be done when everyone else is stressing about being able to find a photographer with an opening. And book early even if you do want to wait until September to do your portraits book the date in June or July that way you do not have to worry about the photographer of your choice already being booked.
I am available for consults on Senior Pictures on evenings and weekends. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or to book a consult or shoot either on my facebook or my email

My prices for senior shoots are as follows


Mini Session

  • 30 min
  • 10 Fully Edited Images on CD
  • Online Proofing
  • Option to add Professional Prints
  • 1 location
  • 1 outfit


Basic Session

  • 1 Hour
  • 15 Fully Edited Images on CD
  • Online Proofing
  • Option to add Professional Prints
  • 1 Location
  • 1 Outfit


Plus Session

  • 1 Hour
  • 15 Fully Edited Images on CD
  • Online Proofing
  • $10 Print Credit (Usable on any images taken during the session)
  • 1 Location
  • Unlimited Outfits


Premium Session

  • 2 Hours
  • 20 Fully Edited Images on CD
  • Online Proofing
  • $20 Print Credit (Usable on any images taken during the session)
  • Up to 3 Locations
  • Unlimited Outfits



Please contact me on my email or Facebook to book your Senior Portraits today.

Trash the Dress pictures ~ Photographer in Portland Oregon

I am getting geared up to expand my Photography Portfolio. One of the ways that I am going to do this is  by doing some unconventional photo shoots. The first of these is a trash the dress photo shoot. Everyone loves to have nice photos from their wedding day to put on the wall or pass out to family and friends but what do you do with your dress afterwards just let it sit in the keep sake box sometimes never to be seen again, so here’s my thought. you already have the nice traditional photos of you and your hubby on your wedding day so why not do some that are more YOU? Are you a “redneck girl” who likes hunting and fishing and playing in the woods? I would love to do a trash the dress portrait session with you we could go out to a wooded area and get some “stalking” shots bring your Unloaded gun with you we can use it as a prop. Wanna get your hubby in on it too? bring him with! we can do some mud wrestling shots and all around have a good time. Maybe you are more of a “water baby” well in that case we can head down to the river, and get some “white lady” shots of you coming out of the river in your dress or what not. Of course this being Oregon we would probably want to wait to do the second shots until its a little warmer. wouldn’t want my model getting sick :). another take on the “white lady” shots would be to do portraits in a grave yard. Perhaps an older one so that we can make it a little spookier and maybe even at night or early morning or at dusk so we can get the creepy lighting. again we can get the hubby in on these very easily.

There are alot of different Photo shoot Ideas that i have for this kind of portrait that would not actually trash the dress either. I want to do one in the snow. If the snow actually reaches the valley floor that is and do kind of an “ice Queen” theme.  another one would be semi traditional but in an orchard or other Non traditional setting as well as perhaps an industrial contrast setting.

If you are thinking of getting Trash the Dress portraits or even wedding or Engagement pictures done you can contact me on my Facebook for DellaMort Photography Or at I also have a Portfolio up on my Facebook as well as on my deviant art account found here. So check them out and do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to set up a session or even just to ask questions.

DellaMort Photography A Portland Oregon Photographer

I am a semi professional (also known as amateur)  photographer in the Portland Oregon area. I am willing to travel almost anywhere within the Portland metro area. I have been doing portraits for my friends and family for a couple of years and have decided to try and branch out. I am willing to do most kinds of photography and try to make the shoots fun. If asked to do a child’s portraits I have found that letting them choose a couple poses can really get them into the whole experience and you can get some awesome candid photos out of it. I specialize in outdoor natural light pictures so naturally the summer is my busy season but I am also willing to work in the rain or snow. I have even held two photo shoots while out on hikes. I have current pieces in my portfolio for Family Portraits, Children’s portraits, school pictures, Male portraits, and one wedding. I am willing to do wedding photography However I ask that I be a back up photographer not the main one as I only have one wedding under my belt. If you would like to book a shoot with me please contact me on Facebook at  or You can also see more of my work on my Deviant Art Profile. I also now have a website found here.
I have set my prices pretty low due to the fact that I am just starting out and don’t feel that I should charge the same amount as someone who has been around for a wile. If you want pictures from me but do not see what you want in the list just ask. Ill let you know if I can do it and what it will cost.