More info about DellaMort Photography Portland Oregon Family Photographer

IMG_0913FBI am a Semi Pro photographer who specializes in on location photography, What does this mean? I do not have a studio and for the most part will use natural light. I love doing sessions that have a high style contrast like Glamorous senior photos in an industrial area or really rocky area and will do everything that I can to make sure your portraits are not “cookie cutter” that is unless you want them to be.

My style is more natural. I generally don’t do skin touch ups other than to remove large blemishes unless asked to. I feel that your natural beauty shines through in photographs. I also try to keep my edits crisp and clean on occasion if the frame screams sun flair or bright sunny day Ill add a little warm haze to add to that feeling or ill give things a little bit of a dreamy feeling with a matte look but even these are done with the thought that less is more.

Modeling HeadshotI currently shoot with a Cannon T3i and have several lenses in my arsenal, as well as a flash that can be used on camera or off mounted on a tripod. I usually carry all my equipment with me except the tripod, though it is usually in my car. This allows me to be ready for most situations.

Some have asked me about back up equipment. I kinda have that covered as well, Once I approached my husband with the Idea of getting me a DSLR So I could branch out from just doing family portraits he grabbed the bull by the horns so to speak and helped me to research and then purchase “our” camera. A few short weeks later we realized that we do not share well! at that point we bought him an DSLR as well and he has since upgraded to a T4i thus I have a back up camera body just in case.

If you would like to contact me about a Session or if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at you can find my website at