Berrett Family Portraits By DellaMort Photography a Portland Oregon Photographer


In addition to being a family portrait photographer I hold a regular 40 hr a week position at LinenTablecloth. A couple of weeks ago my boss asked me two questions, First would I like to take the presentation images for our website to help show what you can use your linens for either in your wedding or in your home and two if I would take his family photos for him. I jumped at both opportunities We spent two days shooting product photos and then when my boss told me he was done with photos two days was enough I reminded him that we still had family photos to do with a chuckle. While they got ready I set up a “studio” space in their living room. This living room is AMAZING for natural light. With floor to what would be the first floor ceiling if it wasn’t a loft style upstairs windows that let the perfect amount of light in. These four people are so photogenic what i thought was going to take an hour only took a half hour! Even the baby who is only two weeks old cooperated, it was amazing. So without any further chit chat here is the photos from the Berret Family Portrait Session.


Small selection of the photos taken during this family portrait session. A note does need to be made that the first image on this blog was taken by a second photographer and edited by DellaMort Photography.

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