Wedding Photography Time line By Dellamort Photography a Portland area wedding photographer

Being a wedding photographer has made me realize that unfortunately the images of one of the days that you will want to remember forever are usually rushed and thus not Of the quality that they could be. Most people do not know how much time to allot to their photographs and I want to try and help with this. Planning your Wedding can be a stressful time so make sure that you use every resource that you have available for you.  Your timeline for Photos depends on how long you book your photographer.

If you only have a photographer for an hour on your wedding day then you are pretty limited. Either they show up the hour before your wedding or the hour after the wedding to get all of your posed shots.

When you are deciding what type of package you wish to book please keep in mind the type of photos you wish to get as well as your budget remember that the pictures are what will last forever from that day. You want to make sure that you have enough time to get all the images that you want.
If you are having a short 15 min ceremony and a back yard BBQ reception then more than likely a 3 hour package will be sufficient.

Photographer arrives about a hour and a half before the ceremony  first half hour you take pictures of the Groom and Groomsmen and his family. Second half hour you take pictures of the Bride, Bridesmaids and her family, Then a half hr before the Ceremony is to begin you go back in to the bridal room for finishing touches. Ceremony ends 45 min later this leaves about 45 min for the after glow pictures, This includes pictures of the full bridal party and full family and then Pictures of the Bride and Groom together.

If you are having a longer ceremony and would like images of the Reception it may be better to book a Larger package. I currently offer a wedding photography package with 8 hours of coverage for 600 dollars that allows for more coverage. below is the timeline that I usually will use for an 8 hour wedding package

in this case well say that the ceremony is at 4 pm and that the bride and groom are getting ready on location.
Photographer arrives at 1:30 (2.5 Hrs before  the ceremony is to start)

1:30-2 photos of the Bride getting ready

2-2:30 Photos with the Groom and Grooms Men and grooms family

2:30-3:30 Bride puts the dress on if not on already and then Photos of the Bride Bridesmaids and Brides family

3:30-4 Finishing touches and more getting ready pictures or pictures of guests arriving

4-5 Ceremony

5-6 “After Glow” Pictures

  •     5-5:15 Large group family picture
  •     5:15-5:30 Large group wedding Party
  •     5:30-6 “After Glow” Bride and groom Pictures

6-9:30 Reception Pictures. During this last 3.5 Hrs you will want to make sure that you get any of the events within the reception that you would like Pictures of Such as:

  •     Daddy daughter dance
  •     Mother son dance
  •     Couples First dance
  •     Cake cutting
  •     Bouquet Toss
  •     Garter Toss

These are just a few of the items that you may like pictures of during the reception. This is also just a suggestion of a time line and can be customized based on your needs. Be sure to discuss timelines with your Photographer so that you can make sure he or she knows what it is that you expect.

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