High School Senior Photos DellaMort Photography a portland area photographer

Its a new school year, that means its time for incoming High School Seniors to make sure they have their senior Portraits. Make these photos truly representative of you. Have them taken at a favorite park or Near your favorite stomping ground.  These pictures are meant to represent the adult that you have become or wish to become so make sure that you include something important to you weather that be the location or the necklace that your mother gave you or even your animal. and even thought they are meant to represent the adult that you have become they should also include some of where you came from. I welcome most props so If you have an old ratty doll that you have had since you were a child bring it we can find a way to use it, or we can do a looking back photo so bring a framed picture of yourself at a much younger age. I try very hard to make this experience one that is fun and memorable for you. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about getting your senior portraits done with me there are a couple of ways that you can reach me. One is via my Facebook  found here or by emailing me at dellamortphotography@hotmail.com. I have included several images that I have taken below as examples but you can also find my portfolio on my facebook. My prices can also be found here.

again if you have any questions about booking a senior portrait session please contact me either on my facebook or my email.