Landscape and Nature Photography DellaMort Photography

 I often get the urge to snap pictures when I have no shoots lined up or during the winter when it is harder to do outdoor  pix with people due to the weather, my solution, Landscape and Nature Photography! I will go for a walk or hike or just get outside. There are many things even living is a small town like I do that you can take pictures of, and it helps to hone your skills not only in composition but in editing if need be as well. you can often times find me wandering around my home town with either my Point and shoot Samsung in tow or My canon t3i. either way I am almost always ready to snap a picture of that beautiful flower, or the Fall trees, Or the river overflowing its banks due to the Oregon Rain :).  Some of the pictures that I take I put up on my Deviant art account found here. I put those up for sale as well so that people can get prints of them or some specialty items. But mostly they are just being taken for the joy of taking pictures. I have become someone who when they see a beautiful flower rather than picking it and enjoying it for a few days I take pictures of them. Then I can go back and look at them when ever I want, not that I don’t still enjoy getting flowers from my hubby every now and then.

I also like to go out and do night landscape and water shots. Some of these done with long exposures and low iso can come out really beautifully.  It makes the water take on a smoky quality and if you are shooting a cityscape you get tracer lights from the tail lights. Then there is the long exposure shots taken just after the sun goes all the way below the horizon. These shots kind of take on a surreal quality. The colors end up being over saturated and really bright yet there is only a ribbon of light coming over the horizon, even the dark night sky is more blue than black.

Another thing that I like about nature photography is that you really don’t have a whole heck of actual control over the lay out of your subject.  It really makes you work to get the good pictures.

If you would like to reach me you can find me on facebook by clicking here , or at my deviant art account mentioned before, or email me at

I also have some of my Landscape and Nature Photos for sale on my Deviant Art account that can be found here.


Trash the Dress pictures ~ Photographer in Portland Oregon

I am getting geared up to expand my Photography Portfolio. One of the ways that I am going to do this is  by doing some unconventional photo shoots. The first of these is a trash the dress photo shoot. Everyone loves to have nice photos from their wedding day to put on the wall or pass out to family and friends but what do you do with your dress afterwards just let it sit in the keep sake box sometimes never to be seen again, so here’s my thought. you already have the nice traditional photos of you and your hubby on your wedding day so why not do some that are more YOU? Are you a “redneck girl” who likes hunting and fishing and playing in the woods? I would love to do a trash the dress portrait session with you we could go out to a wooded area and get some “stalking” shots bring your Unloaded gun with you we can use it as a prop. Wanna get your hubby in on it too? bring him with! we can do some mud wrestling shots and all around have a good time. Maybe you are more of a “water baby” well in that case we can head down to the river, and get some “white lady” shots of you coming out of the river in your dress or what not. Of course this being Oregon we would probably want to wait to do the second shots until its a little warmer. wouldn’t want my model getting sick :). another take on the “white lady” shots would be to do portraits in a grave yard. Perhaps an older one so that we can make it a little spookier and maybe even at night or early morning or at dusk so we can get the creepy lighting. again we can get the hubby in on these very easily.

There are alot of different Photo shoot Ideas that i have for this kind of portrait that would not actually trash the dress either. I want to do one in the snow. If the snow actually reaches the valley floor that is and do kind of an “ice Queen” theme.  another one would be semi traditional but in an orchard or other Non traditional setting as well as perhaps an industrial contrast setting.

If you are thinking of getting Trash the Dress portraits or even wedding or Engagement pictures done you can contact me on my Facebook for DellaMort Photography Or at I also have a Portfolio up on my Facebook as well as on my deviant art account found here. So check them out and do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to set up a session or even just to ask questions.

Macro and Nature Photography ~ Desktop Backgrounds and Prints

I have kind of become addicted to macro. 🙂 I just wish I could afford a seriouse macro lens instead of using the macro rings that I have but I dont so I make due with what I Have. I generaly use my 18-55 lens when doing macro as i can get in closer to my subject that way and when you add one of the rings you can get in even closer as it shortens the focal depth. I do have some of my work for sale on my deviant art account that can be found here. One day I would like to get some super macro shots of bugs and such but for now I busy myself with things like you see below.




Maternity portraits, Pregnancy pictures ~ Portland Photographer

I would really like to do maternity shoots However I do not have any family or friends currently pregnant that want to do them.  I do need some of these pictures for my portfolio and therefore would do the shoot for free and you would get a cd with all the edited images on it.  I have been doing portraits for My family and friends for several years and have recently started to branch out. I am building my portfolio so that I have examples to show clients so it is important that you know these pictures would be used for promotional purposes.

I would like to do several different kinds of shoots in this category:
First I would like a naturish feeling. This would mean going somewhere like forest park in Portland or if you have a wooded area near you that would work. In this shoot I would get shots that show the mother connected with nature, such as laying on a bed of leaves or leaned against a tree. We would also get the traditional side view and looking at the belly.
Another shoot I want to do is kind of industrial. possibly just take a walk arround the city and find interesting places to pose. For this shoot I would want someone semi athletic and also not someone who is so close to delivering that the walk may trigger labor. You would also need to be willing to show off your belly in public as I would want some shots of your belly without your shirt over the top of it. This shoot would show the contrast of the beauty of a pregnant woman and the sterility and harshness of the industrial setting. For this there would be a lot of the traditional poses.
The third shoot that i am looking for would need to be done at your home. I want to get some loving shots of both mom and dad as well as some of the more sensual shots. I would need someone who is comfortable in front of the camera and with themselves as I would want to do some topless shots and possably some wrapped in cloth. I would want both mom and dad to be comfortable with this as I would incorperate both of you into the shots.

If you would like to see my work you are able to look one of two places either my Facebook or my Deviant Art account. You can contact me either on my Facebook or at

Engagement portrait prices ~ On location Portland photographer

Below you will  find my prices for engagement photos. I have tried to be reasonable with my prices as I think that everyone should have the oportunity to record this moment in there life and do not want money to be the thing that hinders them from doing that.  If you would like to book a shoot with me or just have some questions you can reach me at  my Facebook or email me at


Engagement Portraits


Includes a disc with 10 or more edited images

1 hr One location and outfit



Includes a disc with 15 or more edited images

1.5 hr 2 locations and/or outfits



includes a disc with 20 or more images

2 hrs 2 locations and/or outfits