Engagement Portraits ~ DellaMort Photography ~ Portland, Oregon

I have only done One engagement photo shoot, for my sister and her fiance. I did this shoot before I got my cannon T3I so I just used my Point and shoot and my Corel Paint Pro Photo Editing software. We went to Crater Lake in Southern Oregon and then to Lake Billy Chinook.  Because these were done with my point and shoot they are not quite the quality that I am able to get now but I am still proud of what i was able to capture with my little point and shoot. I do still need some engagement pictures for my portfolio and so am looking for two or three couples who want to get some engagement portraits done in the Portland metro area. I will give you up to an hour photo shoot with at least 10 images on a disk free of charge if you will agree to let me use the shots for my portfolio and advertising. I am an out-door photographer so we will need to work arround the Oregon weather But I am available most weekends.  There are several places in the area that I like to do portraits However I am willing to go to most areas in the Portland Metro area. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a shoot you can contact me on my Facebook or at my email dellamortphotography@hotmail.com Please mention my engagement portraits blog.



Wedding Photography ~ DellaMort Photography ~ Portland Oregon

I am sorry this photography offer is no longer valid. My photography prices are available here

I would love to do Wedding photography But need to get more experience, before I start advertising myself as a wedding photographer. At this point I am looking for couples to give me a chance to shoot their weddings. I realize this is a large step as this is one of the most important days of your life, I have included several photos that I have done in this post so that you can see what I have done already. The best part about this is I am looking to do it for free so that I can use the photos for my portfolio. If you would like an additional photographer with more wedding experience I can recommend a great photographer in Lindsay at Royal Rose Photography she has let me come with her to the wedding where the pictures in this blog were taken. I love catching the special moments during a wedding such as the kiss, or the bride being walked down the aisle and given away, and want to give you pictures that you will cherish for all the years to come. I know this sounds cheesy but this is one of the main reasons I decided to try to break into photography, to help people remember the one of the most special times in their life. If you would like to give me a chance to help you remember your wedding you can contact me at my facebook or at my email dellamortphotography@hotmail.com. One other thing to keep in mind is I do work a reg 40 hr work week as well so your wedding will need to either be after 6 during the week or on sat or sun for me to be able to do pictures for you.

Kids portrait prices ~ DellaMort Photography Photographer in Portland

Here are my Prices for portraits of Babies Children and Teens

These prices are for 1 person only. each addl person is only 10 dollars.

Babies Kids and Teens


Includes a disc with 10 or more edited images

Up to 2 children (each addl 10.00)

1 Hour 1 location 1 outfit


Includes a disc with 15 or more edited images

Up to 2 children (each addl 10.00)

1.5 Hour 2 location 2 outfit

Baby Portraits ~ DellaMort Photograpy from Canby Oregon

Baby portraits can be difficult But are still very fun. There are many different poses that you can do in the outdoors to show off the new addition to your life. You can symbolize the tree of life  by using a baby sling hung from a tree with a sleeping baby in it. You do not need to worry for the most part if your little one is asleep or awake you can get great pictures either way. Sometimes sleeping is better because all the moving and posing and picking up and putting down can make a baby grumpy but either way with a bit of patience  and running on the little ones schedule you will get great shots. I love to do these photo shoots and will make it as fun as possible for all involved. I try to gauge a family’s dynamic when taking shots of a baby. If they seem pretty traditional I’ll stick with the baby on back belly sides and maybe being held. If you would like something a little more daring. Such as baby and mom skin to skin shots or baby and dad we can do that too. Just may have to be done in a back yard instead of a park.  If you have a certain pose that you have seen elsewhere and would like a shot of just ask I can usually accommodate as long as it doesn’t require special props. I am hoping by next summer that I will have some baby picture props available such as hats bows baskets slings and tutus. Maybe some letters numbers and blocks and such. I would love to capture the little moments in your life that you feel are the most precious as well so I encourage family’s to bring props of their own if they wish as well.

Most of the time when shooting a baby I suggest  bringing a baby blanket to lay your little one on for some close up shots and so that you can use it to change their outfit if you wish as well.

For Baby Photography prices please click here Or see my blog entitled Kids pricing.

Because I am from Canby i am pretty much willing to go most anywhere In the I5 205 corridor to do portraits If you have questions or would like to book a shoot you can contact me on my facebook or through email at dellamortphotography@hotmail.com

Featured Kids Portraits~ DellaMort Photography in Canby Oregon

This Kids shoot was my mini shoot from yesterday. Little Z is so fun to work with and will basically do any pose you ask her with very little extra direction. We were In Wilsonville Oregon for this Photo shoot. I had to be quick because she would do the funniest things that made great candid pix, tho when I asked her to model for me she got embarrassed and froze. Here are a few Pictures from this photo shoot.

The fall leaves made a great back drop for this picture



This is the only thing she did when I asked her to model for me 🙂

I had to catch this fast she said she was superman and started to put it down as I turned around to snap the shot.

I just loved her stripey sox.

I had to crop this one in she was to small in the frame.


I am currently running a mini session for school pictures. You get a half hour session and a CD with three Pictures on it 1 head shot 1 full leinght shot and 1 creative pose. This mini shoot cost 20 dollars and runs through the end of october. You can contact me on my Facebook or at my email dellamortphotography@hotmail.com

Family Portrait Prices ~ DellaMort Photography A photographer in Portland Oregon

After My last post about Family Portraits I realized that It might be helpful to know my prices.  Because I am a semi- professional  photographer I offer lower rates than many other photographers In the Portland metro area. I do this in the hopes that I will be able to help someone get some beautiful Pictures who may not have been able to afford them otherwise.  If you wish to contact me to set up a shoot or with questions. you can find me on my facebook  or by emailing me at dellamortphotography@hotmail.com.

Here are my packages for family shoots. These are my introductory prices and are subject to change at any time.

Family shots


up to 4 people (10.00 each adl person)

includes disc with 10 or more images(all images may not  have all people in them)

1 hr 1 location and outfit


up to 4 people (10.00 each adl person)

includes disc with 15 or more images(all images may not have all people in them)

1.5 hr 2 locations and/or outfits

Family Portraits ~ By DellaMort Photography, A Portland Oregon Photographer

Family Portraits capture Big milestones in your life, Your wedding, First baby, and grand babies as well as all the important points between  That makes them special so you don’t want the same thing that everyone else has you want different poses and backgrounds. This is what makes on location outdoor photography so amazing. Even if the poses you want are more traditional you can do it in an amazing setting to make them your own. If your family likes fishing and hunting why not go somewhere like Forest park or somewhere on the Willamette river and get some shots there. Take some of your fishing gear with you as props and really get some creative shots. Or if you’re a sports oriented family go to an open field all decked out in your teams gear. This way you can truly capture your family dynamic. Then again if you are more traditional when it comes to pictures why not dress in matching outfits and go somewhere like waterfront park or the Portland rose gardens and get some beautiful portraits done.

Really I enjoy doing all kinds of shots. I try to make It as fun as possible and if you have several little ones will get some of  just them being them. I will try to get special moments of the children together and some of the parents as well as individual shots and large group shots.

If you would like to contact me with any questions or to book a shoot  you can contact me at dellamortphotography@hotmail.com or at my facebook

DellaMort Photography Halloween Photo contest – Portland area Photographer

I am Holding a contest on my Facebook Page, The prize is a free childs photo shoot. Heres the details:

Submit your favorite Halloween Costume Picture from this year or previous years to Dellamortphotography@hotmail.com. The deadline to submit is nov 4th 2011 at midnight. I will then Upload the submissions to the Halloween Costume Picture contest album on Nov 5th 2011. Once the pictures are uploaded the voting can begin

To have your friends and family vote for your picture simply have them like my Facebook page found here and then go to the Halloween Costume Picture contest album, find your picture and like your picture. The picture with the most likes wins.

What do you win?  You win a Free 1 hr photo session. You may use this session for up to two kids. Because I am an outdoor photographer we will go to the Park (or any other place really of your choice) If you are not sure where you would want to do your session I have several different areas that I have used already and can give you some suggestions.  This session also comes with a disk  that has all the edits on it with full reprint rights. If you would like I also have prints available at an additional cost However you can print off of this disk at most 1 hr photo places (if they have a digital media kiosk) after you have won you will receive a friends request from My DellaMort “personal” Facebook found  here.
Because these pictures will be taken outdoors you may wish to hold onto your prize until the Oregon weather is better, which is fine, I am willing to shoot in a drizzle or in the snow if you would like as well its up to you.

To win and claim this prize you must either live in or be willing to travel to the greater Portland metro area to do the 1 hr photo session.

DellaMort Photography A Portland Oregon Photographer

I am a semi professional (also known as amateur)  photographer in the Portland Oregon area. I am willing to travel almost anywhere within the Portland metro area. I have been doing portraits for my friends and family for a couple of years and have decided to try and branch out. I am willing to do most kinds of photography and try to make the shoots fun. If asked to do a child’s portraits I have found that letting them choose a couple poses can really get them into the whole experience and you can get some awesome candid photos out of it. I specialize in outdoor natural light pictures so naturally the summer is my busy season but I am also willing to work in the rain or snow. I have even held two photo shoots while out on hikes. I have current pieces in my portfolio for Family Portraits, Children’s portraits, school pictures, Male portraits, and one wedding. I am willing to do wedding photography However I ask that I be a back up photographer not the main one as I only have one wedding under my belt. If you would like to book a shoot with me please contact me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/DellaMortPhotography  or dellamortphotography@hotmail.com You can also see more of my work on my Deviant Art Profile. I also now have a website found here.
I have set my prices pretty low due to the fact that I am just starting out and don’t feel that I should charge the same amount as someone who has been around for a wile. If you want pictures from me but do not see what you want in the list just ask. Ill let you know if I can do it and what it will cost.